24-Hour Staffing Coverage





  • 24-hour cases are typically cases in which the client is on hospice, needs 24-hour supervision due to dementia, are fall risks, and / or cannot ever be left alone. Clients, families are paying >$5,700 per week to receive 24-hour care. They are paying for safety and assurance our client is not alone. It is our promise to provide this.
  • When we are providing staffing for 24-hour coverage, there must be a staff member with our client(s) at all times. If a replacement is running late, the current staff member must stay with the client until the replacement arrives. No exceptions. 
  • When staffing for a 24-hour case, the Team Coordinator must review this expectation with the employee so he / she is aware he / she cannot leave until the replacement employee arrives
  • In the incredibly rare case of an emergency, and the staff member must leave the Team Coordinator must contact the Registered Nurse for guidance before the staff member leaves to problem solve. The Registered Nurse will determine the safety of the situation, consider a contingency plan, and direct Team Coordinator on next steps.