Accepting a Referral - Essential Services


To be able to safely accept referrals requiring essential services. To mitigate service failures. 

Regulation: N/A
Policy: N/A


  1. Zero essential services will be missed.

Definition of a client with Essential Services: 

  • The client cannot go without care and there is no one else to provide care for him / her.  
  • Contingency plan does not involve rescheduling - there is no safe backup plan
  • Our function is at such a skill level there is no one to delegate it to
  • Any client requiring 24-hour care including, but not limited to:
    • Any client on Hospice
    • Any client with critical medications that can absolutely not be missed
    • Any client that is a fall risk
    • Any client requiring ongoing/constant supervision


  1. When we receive a referral, requiring essential services, we will not schedule a Start-of-Care until the Administrator, Clinical Manager, Account Executive and Team Coordinator have discussed the case. In this case, the goal will be to schedule a Consultation, instead of going straight to the Start-of-Care. 
    1. If the caller/lead does not want a consultation, Recover Care personnel will notify lead we will need to discuss details of the case, to ensure a safe plan of care, and will return the call within 30 minutes. At this point, the individual taking the referral will send out an urgent email the the Administrator, Clinical Manager, Account Executive and Team coordinator saying: "URGENT RESPONSE REQUIRED - essential services case to discuss." If applicable, a text will also be sent to notify of urgency.
  2. When intake personnel sends out "Client Consultation" Email (Intake, Consults, SOC Handoff), he / she will add: "Essential Services" to the email to indicate the team needs to connect before the consultation.
  3. The Account Executive, Clinical Manager, Administrator, and Team Coordinator will discuss the client needs, staffing capacity, and ability to take the case based on hours/location/skill/etc. 
  4. If the decision is made Recover Care cannot safely serve the client at this time, the Account Executive will contact the lead and/or referral source and notify them - he/she will assist with restaffing, if appropriate. If the decision is made to move forward, the process continues with step 5 below. 
  5. Account Executive will perform client consultation and confirm details, following the Intake, Consults, SOC Handoff process.
  6. RN will perform Start-of-Care and review safe plan with client and/or family and follow the Intake, Consults, SOC Handoff process.
  7. To ensure ongoing safety of client with essential services:
    1. RN will add a care plan task related to clients with essential services (i.e. "Client Requires 24-hour care. I understand I cannot leave until my replacement arrives.")
    2. RN will update the matching criteria within client chart
    3. RN will ensure the Care Plan Notes indicate "Essential Services" so it is displayed on the Face Sheet.
    4. Team Coordinator will CALL every staff member and review the care plan, indicating the essential services and get verbal agreement/understanding from all staff
    5. Team Coordinator will send Care Notes through ClearCare (to hit email and text) to all new staff on the case