Account Executive Training Log


Orientation of an Account Executive. Use the log below to click on links for training in coordination with a printed copy. Initial and date areas of training upon completion.




  1. 100% of all items on the list signed off within 4 weeks of hire
  2. This process is printed, signed-off and included in the new employee's HR file


New Hire


AE Mentor


The trainer should walk through each item below.  As the trainer completes each step, they will complete the check list and store along with the rest of the employee records.  If you have questions, please contact the Director of Sales Training and Development

Recover Care at Home OrientationTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
Complete **General Orientation Training LogAdministrator3 Hours

Recover Health Service OfferingsAE Mentor1 Hour

Recover Care at Home Service OfferingsAE Mentor30 Minutes

Recover Care Communities TrainingAE Mentor30 Minutes

Technology/System TrainingTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
ClearCare (CC)
  • Look Up Client
    • Client Contact Information
    • Access Client Documentation
    • Access Client Contacts
  • Look Up Caregivers
    • Contact Information
    • Caregiver Notes
  • View Client Schedules
Clinical Manager1 Hour

Zoho CRMAE Mentor3 Hours

Point Click Care (PCC)
  • Look up a Client
    • Contact Information
    • Clinical Notes
  • Identifying Referral Sources
  • Point Click Care Reports : PCC Reports Tutorial
    • Report 1:  Referral Source Statistics
    • Report 2: Patient Referrals
AE Mentor1 Hour

  • Submitting Mileage
  • Recruitment Process
  • Access Benefit Information
  • Review Pay Stubs
  • Request Time Off
  • "Community" Tab
Team Coordinator 1 Hour

MeetingsTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
Daily Stand-UpAdministrator30 Minutes

Weekly Branch L10Administrator1.5 Hours

Weekly Management MeetingAdministrator1 Hour

Weekly Recover Health/Recover Care at Home Sales MeetingAE Mentor30 Minutes

Weekly Account Executive 1:1AE Mentor30 Minutes

Monthly Sales MeetingAE Mentor1 Hour

Monthly Sales Messaging Meeting
AE Mentor
30 Minutes

Role Specific OrientationTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
Sales Core Process
AE Mentor1 Day

Account Executive Compensation PlanAE Mentor
10 Minutes

Account Review & HistoryAdministrator/AE Mentor
2 Hours

Review Target MarketAdministrator/AE Mentor30 Minutes

Quarterly Growth Plan TrainingAdministrator/AE Mentor
1 Hour

Marketing RequestAE Mentor
10 Minutes

Client Consultation ShadowAdministrator/AE Mentor
1 Hour

QAPI ParticipationAdministrator

Review Expense ReportingAdministrator

Storefront OrderingAE Mentor

Account Executive Core Recruiting Process
AE Mentor

ProgramsTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
  1. Alzheimer's/Dementia Program
  2. Stop and Watch
  3. Client Family Room
  4. The Recover Care Difference
Administrator1 hour

Other Role TrainingTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
Intake ShadowClinical Manager2 Hours

Clinical Manager ShadowClinical Manager2 Hours

Start of Care (SOC) ShadowRN Case Manager2 Hours

Attend HHA MeetingClinical Manager1 Hour

Attend RN MeetingClinical Manager1 Hour

GraduationTrainerEst TimeDate CompletedEmployee InitialsTrainer
  1. Print, fill in the name, and sign the following certificate:  RC AE Certificate of Training Completion
  2. Announce Completion at next Stand-Up
Administrator10 Minutes