Blood Pressure Clinic - Communities Only


To provide Recover Care Community exposure to residents in our partnered buildings and to demonstrate value of services is clients and other residents.


  1. Each community will conduct blood pressure clinics to community residents at a frequency agreed upon quarterly


  1. Each quarter, Recover Care Community (RCC) leadership will establish frequency in which Recover Care will provide free blood pressure clinics to residents in the buildings of our Recover Care Community teams. This will be documented on the quarterly Marketing Plan
  2. Administrator will update and order “Blood Pressure Clinic” notice collateral for the quarter, from the storefront
  3. Administrator will ensure office has sufficient “Blood Pressure Cards” on hand, and will order more if needed
  4. Administrator will create Blood Pressure Clinic binder, including Blood Pressure Clinic Record for each attendee (Blood Pressure Clinic Record Form)
  5. Administrator will market for this event throughout the community, based on Quarterly Marketing Plan strategy
  6. At each blood pressure clinic, RC personnel will:
    1. Wear Recover Care Name Badge
    2. Bring “Blood Pressure Cards”
    3. Bring Blood Pressure Clinic binder with Pen
    4. Bring Recover Care marketing collateral
    5. Bring Blood Pressure Cuff
    6. Bring Pulse Oximeter
  7. At each blood pressure clinic, RC personnel will:
    1. Take blood pressure for clients and write on “Blood Pressure Card” and return to client. Encourage clients to bring this with them the next time they come to keep track (this card includes 5 weeks of data)
    2. After client’s first blood pressure card is complete (5 weeks of attending the blood pressure clinic), clients can bring the completed card to the Recover Care office and receive a Recover Care prize (Recover Care Marketing item, Mug, Notebook, etc.)
    3. Record blood pressure in Blood Pressure Clinic binder. Each client should have his / her own sheet with a record of all blood pressures
    4. If blood pressure isn’t within normal limits please retake and if still out of normal limits Recover Care employee will notify Nurse to seek further instructions
    5. Speak positively about Recover Care and service offerings
    6. Let clients know when the next blood pressure clinic will occur
  8. Attendees that are not active clients must be entered in EMR as “Prospect” (Prospective Client)