Content Editor Training Log


Training a Content Editor on the basics of creating new and modifying existing processes inside Knowledge Base


  1. 100% of content editors have reviewed the information and are comfortable adding and editing processes / articles.


Content Expert TrainingTrainerEst Time
  1. Introductory Call - Schedule 30 minutes with John Fraser (jfraser@recoverhealth)
    1. Credentials and Permissions Established
    2. Website (backend) provided with access confirmed
    3. Overview of scope for content expert
    4. Tips and Tricks - Do's and Don'ts
    5. Next steps, potential weekly check-in on process writing, etc.
John Fraser30 minutes
  1. Review the following and schedule follow-up with John Fraser on questions
    1. How to Add a Category (Folder)
    2. How to Create a New Version of an Existing Article
    3. How to Create a New Version of an Existing Article
Self-led w/ follow-up30 minutes
  1. If part of the process team or interested in the process team's weekly process, review this article and follow-up with John Fraser on questions:
    1. Process Team Meeting - Status Versions and Check Boxes
Self-led w/ follow-up
30 minutes