COVID-19 Testing: Ordering Test Through Quanum


How to properly enter a order for a COVID-19 test into the Quest quanun portal and receive a requisition form.



  1. After collecting a sample using the COVID-19 Testing: Sample Collection and Submission process successfully enter information in the portal and receive a printed requisition form
  2. After entry, please visit the COVID-19 Testing: Sample Collection and Submission process to finish the submission process.

There is a known bug in the quanum portal that they are working around.  This video shows a way to work around the bug.



Ordering Additional Test Kits:

  1. Contact Lynn Schlosser 888-674-8931 or 
    BACKUP:  or 763-354-8040
    1. Subject: More Tests Required for Recover Health <Branch>
    2. Body: Include the following information:
      1. Full address to ship to
      2. Quantity needed
      3. Remaining tests in the branch

Order Submission Process:

  1. NOTE: The portal will only work with internet explorer on a Windows Computer
  2. Login to with your username/password
    If you don't have a UN/PW, have your manager submit a request to Recover Health Support.
  3. To create a new lab order (COVID-19 test submission):
    1. Click the tab “Lab Order” tab
    2. Click to go to the “new streamlined order page”
  4. Click New Patient Button (unless this is a follow-up test)
  5. Patient Information Section
    1. Fill in the following information under Patient Information for the client or employee:
      1. Last Name | First Name | DOB | Sex | Phone (Cell Phone) | Address | City | State | Zip
      2. PID – This will be either the Employee's employee ID in Paylocity or the Cilent's enterprise ID for the client in Point Click Care or Clearcare
    2. Billing Information Section
      1. Bill Type – Insurance.   If you do not have the client or employee’s billing information, escalate to your regional director for next steps and permission to bill to “client” (which is Recover Health).   Billing to Recover Health must be authorized by Regional Managers
    3. Guarantor Information Section
      1. Click the “Use Patient Info” button on the right which will populate all required fields
    4. Insurance Information Section
      1. Under Primary on the left side, search for the insurance information provided by the client or employee and select it.  
        1. Escalate to your Regional Manager if you are unable to find an insurance company
      2. Under Primary on the right side, enter the Insurance ID and Group Number if applicable
      3. If secondary insurance is known, repeat the same process for Secondary by clicking the radio button next to secondary and repeating the process
    5. Diagnoses Section
      1. Search for U071 or COVID and select it from the list, ensure it shows up on the right side
    6. Tests Section
      1. Search for 39448 and select it from the list, ensure it shows up on the right side.  
        NOTE there are multiple COVID-19 tests so only this code should be selected
    7. Additional Information Section
      1. Select “Yes” as the sample is Nasopharyngeal
    8. Order Information Section
      1. Select the correct Client and Physician
        NOTE: Client refers to the branch name, not the name of the client.
      2. On the right side, enter the Draw On or After date
    9. Click Finalize button on the bottom of the page
  6. The next page called Requisition will load slowly,  
    1. If the PDF doesn’t show, you may need to allow permissions in the top right corner
      If you get a gray box and a blue button, you might not be using Internet Explorer.  See Step 1.
    2. If you receive an error about printing, click okay, ignore the error and the print dialog should still appear
    3. Print to your printer of choice
    4. Click “Done”, it will bring you back to the order screen.
  7. To Review Orders, click on “Req Log” menu option
    1. Update the From/To Date and Click Search
    2. Under action you have the ability to print (reprint), edit or cancel
  8. Results viewing will be added after we receive our first result