Credit Card and ACH Acceptance


Clients are allowed to pay for their services through one time or ongoing credit card processing.


  1. Credit cards and Bank information are obtained and stored securely
  2. Authorization by the credit card / bank holder is retained and saved
  3. The correct amount is charged to the credit card / bank account monthly


  1. The correct form is used based on which service line the user is current being serviced under:
    1. Recover Care - Credit Card ACH Authorization Form
  2. The credit card / bank account information is received only by a single billing specialist
  3. The information is manually typed or transcribed into our banks credit card processing application
    1. After entry, the credit card information is allowed to be saved but no longer visible to us except for the last 4 digits and expiration date
  4. If the information was received over the phone, the Billing specialist will enter the information *and* fill out the above form requesting signature from the end user.  Only the last 4 digits of the credit card are written on the form for security
  5. If the information was received on the form itself, after entry into the banking system, the credit card information is obfuscated for long term storage so no credit card information is visible.
  6. The date that the client prefers the credit card to be pulled is entered on their client profile and manually processed by a single billing specialist.