Facility New Client Huddle


To ensure accurate information and quality partnership with housing buildings (including ALF, ILF, SNF, Memory Care)

Regulation:  N/A
Policy:  N/A


  1. Zero late-clock ins due to staff being unaware how to enter the building
  2. Zero partner grievances due to being unaware of facility process or practice


  1. Upon admission of a client at a new or infrequently visited partner/building, the Account Executive will gather the following information from partner personnel:
    1. What hours are the building staffed? With what disciplines (administrative/HHA/RN)?
    2. Where should our staff park?
    3. How are our staff to enter the building? How long does it typically take for someone to answer the door, if building staff are involved in gaining access? We want to make sure our staff prepared with enough time so they are not late to the client.
      1. If our staff have difficulty accessing the building, who can we reach out in an emergency? This call would come from our Administrative staff.
    4. Do we need to sign in/out anywhere?
    5. If client is on a locked unit, how does our staff gain access? 
    6. Review our practice on When to Call the Nurse. Convey our policy is for our staff to call our nurse for any changes or updates. Understand who wants to be notified of client changes, and how. This will serve as the contact for our RN Case Manager.
    7. COVID-19 Specific
      1. What PPE do you require your staff to wear at all times? Do you expect that same for our staff? Review our standard of care and required PPE, and confirm this meets their expectations.
      2. Do our staff need to complete a COVID-19 Screening/Temperature check before seeing the client? (Review our COVID-19 screening process)
    8. Are there specifics we need to address with our staff prior to serving the client? How can we be the best partner to you?
    9. Is there a regular IDT meeting you would like us to join? How do you want regular updates?
    10. Any other information we should know before serving our join client?
  2. Once this information has been gathered, Account Executive will:
    1. Send an email to the Administrator, Clinical Manager, and Team Coordinator with information
      1. Subject: FACILITY HUDDLE: Client Name
      2. Details from discussion with facility (items addressed above)
    2. Put the information in the specific client chart in ClearCare, by adding an Activity note with the Tag: "Intake Details"