HHA Annual Review


To remain in compliance with Recover Care Policies and Procedures, and Minnesota Comprehensive Licensure re: supervision of Unlicensed Personnel. All employees must receive an annual review. Recover Care will complete these in its HRIS system, Paylocity.

Regulation: 144A.4797(3/4)

Policy: RC-P10


  1. 100% of employees will receive a Performance Evaluation Annually


  1. Once you have logged into Paylocity, select the “Performance” tab:
  2. In this window, select: “Assign Review” and select: “Recover Care – Home Health Aide”

  3. The “Review Due Date” is the date you will be completing the review. Paylocity (and Recover Care policy) requires employees to have input in the review. It is suggested to put the “Review Available Date” 1-2 weeks prior to the due date. This gives employees the opportunity to provide input on the review. You can determine the notification date for the employee, and set a reminder for yourself, if desired. Click, “Save” when complete. Paylocity will redirect back to the Performance page.

  4. Clicking on the “Review Status” Tab to see all open reviews. You can assign these at any time. It is recommended you assign these at hire, and annually as reviews are completed, to ensure reviews are not missed.
  5. Once you are ready to complete the review, click on the “Review Form” link, from the “Review Status” tabfor the employee you are wanting to complete the review for.
  6. The review form will take you through the review, including elements from: Mission & ICare, Client Experience, Clinical Outcomes, Employee Engagement, and Attendance & Punctuality. 
  7. You will be asked to review the employee on a series of areas, with the following rating criteria. It is best to include comments representing your numbered choice.

    1 – U (Unacceptable) – Consistently fails to meet minimum job requirements

    2 – NI (Needs Improvement) – Potential with performance gaps

    3 – M (Meets) – Meets Required Expectations of role satisfactorily

    4 – ME (Meets, Often Exceeds) – Meets required expectations, often exceeds

    5 – E (Exceeds) -  Consistently exceeds job expectations

    The third section includes adding Goals for the employee. This is required to show attempt towards performance improvement. Simply select: “Add Goal” to add goals with details.

  8. When you have completed the review, click “Complete” on the Summary Page:

  9. The employee will need to log into Paylocity to review and sign off. The best and most effective performance reviews are done in a face-to-face meeting, but if needed can be reviewed remotely via phone and signed off electronically by the employee through Paylocity.