How to Create a Brand New Process / Article


Shows the content editor how to create a brand new article/process. It will also cover how to put the article into  "Ready to Publish" status which is the queue for process approval.



  1. Reader is able to create a new process / article without making it visible to end users prior to approval.


  1. Create a new article by navigating to the folder/category the article should live in and click "Add Article"
  2. Give the article a name and select "Article Template" in almost all cases
    1. When an article might have a very generic name, it is valuable to include more specific information about the role or folder.
      This helps when searching for articles to have the title of the article make it clear which role it's related to
  3. The article body will have three categories.  It is important to create consistency in the categories and formats with more than 20 content experts, having a similar layout will make articles easier to read.
    1. Purpose - Why the article is being written or why it's valuable to the reader
      1. When valuable, a reference to a specific regulation or policy can be linked
    2. Measurement - How do we know this process is being followed and successful?  What is the company expectation?
    3. Process - Numbered list of steps.  Keep a standard numbering format when possible to make it easier for people to review and reference
    4. Attachments and images are encouraged however they are not searchable so it's helpful to have both body text and an image clarifying the information.  Instructions about a tool or attachment are valuable to include in the article itself, rather than the tool.
  4. When the article is complete and ready to have the process team review, put the article in the status of "Ready to Publish".  It will remain invisible to end users until the process team places the article into the publish status:
  5. Items that are ready for review are searchable under "manage" and using the filter "ready to publish"