How to Create a New Version of an Existing Article


Shows the content editor how to create a new version in preparation for an updated process without impacting the current process that is visible to general end users.  It will also cover how to put the article into  "Ready to Review" status which is the queue for process approval.



  1. Reader is able to create a new version of an article and ready it for approval without impacting current process/articles that are published.


  1. Change the publishing status on the article to "Needs Review" and update the author to the person making the edits and save
    1. This will keep the current article visible to end users and ensure the reviewer knows who made the change in the backend
  2. Scroll down and click on "Create new Version"
  3. Select "Minor Version (+0.01) from the drop down: and click "Create"
  4. Items that are "needs review" are searchable under "manage" and using the filter "Needs Review"
  5. Make sure you are on the correct version when making your updates:
    1. Example: 
      1. In this screen shot, the user is on version 1.01.  
      2. Observe the tag "viewing" next to 1.01 so the user is currently viewing 1.01
      3. Observe the tag "published" next to 1.00 indicating that is the version that end users see

    2. Update the correct process depending on the desired outcome
      1. Update the latest non published version (1.01)  without making changes to what is published (1.00) - MOST COMMON
      2. If the user needs to update the current version (1.00) while still working on a new version (1.01), they can do that as well
        1. NOTE: if you do this, it will not retain the changes made in 1.00 in 1.01 (or any future version)
        2. This would only come up in a rare case where you want to make a quick change to an existing process while also working on a larger update to the process
  6. When done updating the newer unpublished version (1.01) process so that it's ready for review by process team, click the "ready to review" check box at the top and save
  7. Items that are ready for review are searchable under "manage" and using the filter "Ready for Review"