Invoice Adjustment


To confirm rationale for invoice adjustments, ensure client satisfaction, and receive appropriate approval for all invoice adjustments.

Regulation:  N/A
Policy: N/A



  1. Administrator receives notification from client, responsible party or billing specialist, that a charge/charges are incorrect on a recent invoice or services was not performed as expected
  2. Administrator completes grievance form and investigates concern
  3. If billing is correct or concern is unfounded, Administrator or designee, discusses with complainant, no further action needed
  4. If billing need to be adjusted, Administrator must:
    1. Complete Invoice Adjustment Form
    2. Send completed invoice adjustment form, via email, to COO for approval within three (3) business days from day of report. With subject line: Invoice Adjustment – Client Name
  5. COO reviews, approves, and sends to billing team to adjust within 24 hours of receipt
  6. Administrator or designee communicates with complainant that adjustment will be made
  7. Billing team completes “Balance Adjustment” and enters billing note in client chart confirming adjustment has been completed
  8. Billing team to attach Invoice Adjustment form to client chart