New Client Welcome


To exhibit customer service to Recover Care clients and to familiarize the Team Coordinator with all clients he / she will be coordinating care for. To give clients the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback during the transition time, which is an anxiety-provoking time for clients. Clients are most likely to voluntarily discharge from services within the first 30 days.

Regulation: N/A
Policy: N/A


  1. 95% of Recover Care Clients will receive a “Welcome Visit” within 14 days of Admission


  1. Each branch will develop a “Welcome Gift” for all new clients
    1. May include: Recover Care Mission, notepads, coffee mugs, pens, magnets, treats, etc.
  2. Within 7 days of admission, the Team Coordinator will call the client / responsible party and schedule a time for him / her to visit. In this call, the Team Coordinator will explain the purpose of the visit.
    1. General script: “I work closely with “Suzie RN” and handle a majority of the scheduling of the individuals that will be working with you. I am hoping to schedule a time when I can come out and have the opportunity to meet you, so as I am scheduling I can understand your preferences and help to establish a best fit match for you. Is this something you would be open to?”
      1. If client agrees, proceed with scheduling
      2. If client denies, enter note indicating so in an Activity Note in the client Electronic Medical Record using the tag: “Welcome Visit.”
  3. Within 14 days of admission, the Team Coordinator will visit the client’s home and meet the client. The objectives of this visit are:
    1. To understand how to arrive at the home
    2. To understand the best place to park
    3. To understand how to enter the home
    4. To introduce the role of the Team Coordinator and help the client understand when he / she can call this individual for assistance
    5. To give the welcome gift to the client
    6. To understand the client preferences for scheduling purposes:
      1. Male / Female?
      2. Quiet / Talkative?
      3. Good cook / Not important?
      4. Should staff park in the driveway or on the street?
      5. Are there any sensitivities our staff should be aware of?
      6. Does the client have any animals?
    7. To review billing process and schedule and help client understand what a typical invoice will look like
    8. To provide client the Family Room Training Packet (For Clients and Families) and review the functionality of the Family Room. Team Coordinator will have client / family complete Family Room Sign-Up form and bring back to the office for sign-up, if applicable. 
    9. To allow the client to ask questions and provide feedback on how the first few weeks have gone. It is critical the Team Coordinator allows space and time to request client feedback.
    10. Update “Notes” section in client profile if additional scheduling criteria needs to be added / adjusted
    11. The Team Coordinator will document this visit in an Activity Note in the client Electronic Medical Record using the tag: “Welcome Visit.” Only objective information should be in this note:
      1. When did the meeting occur?
      2. Where did the meeting occur?
      3. Who was at the meeting?
      4. What was discussed?
      5. Example: “On Monday, 7/15/19, writer met with client and his son at the client’s home. We discussed client’s preference of having a male caregiver, when possible. He likes to go outside and walk, so someone who is active would be ideal. Client is happy with services, but getting used to having someone in his home. Overall, things are going well, but client has writer’s contact information should any other questions or concerns arise.”