HHA Expiring Documents - Entry in ClearCare


To track ongoing employee requirements and ensure ability to pull reports and identify upcoming expiration dates.



  1. Access ClearCare expriring documents through employee profile in ClearCare
  2. use the below grid to enter, and update expiring dates accordingly



Expiration Date

I-9 information submitted

Within 72 hours of hire date


By Hire Date

Employee Welcome Letter sent

Immediately following offer acceptance

Classroom Orientation Scheduled and Communicated

Included in Offer Letter and sent to Orientation lead

TB Risk, Screening Complete

Orientation day

1st Step TST Complete

Hire Date

1st Step TST Read and documented

48-72 hours from administration

2nd Step TST Complete

21 from Last Day of Orientation

2nd Step TST Read and documented

48-72 hours from administration

Classroom Orientation Complete

Hire Date

Required Competencies Validated

Hire Date

Passed written exam

Hire Date

Required LMS learning complete

Hire Date

Driver’s License current and validated

Hire Date

Auto Insurance current and validated

Hire Date

30 Day New Hire Delegated Task Supervision

30 Days from Hire Date

2 Year Delegated Task Supervision 

2 Years from Hire Date

Annual LMS Education

12/31 of the year following hire date

CNA License (if applicable)

Expiration Date of CNA License on the Registry 

90 Day Review Scheduled

90 days from Hire Date

180 Day Review Scheduled

180 days from Hire Date

Annual Performance Evaluation

One year from hire date (update each year for the following year)