HHA Onboarding: New Hire Setup Checklist


The below form will be printed and completed for every HHA, beginning at application. Once completed it will be signed and placed in employee file. 


Prior to Offer

Application for Employment has been completed OR resume has been received

Initials: ______________
Prior to Orientation (Completed by Administrator or Office Manager)

Send onboarding paperwork via PayChex 

Initials: ______________

Employee Completes “Onboarding” Through PayChex

Initials: ______________
Review and finish employee “Onboarding” in PayChexInitials: ______________
Coordinate orientation dates and times and send “Welcome Email” with Onboarding calendar
Initials: ______________
Email Scheduling Coordinator and Orientation lead of employee start date and orientation dateInitials: ______________
Setup employee with LMS accessInitials: ______________
Verify / Update Payrate and Hire Date in ClearCareInitials: ______________
Enter Documents Required for I9 SubmissionInitials: ______________
Initiate DHS (MN) / BID (WI) State Background Check
  • Must Initiate after an offer is extended, prior to date of orientation
  • Date Completed: ___________________
Initials: ______________
Inform employee that he/she will receive an email from IDEMIA/ IdentoGO to schedule a fingerprint and photograph appointment.
  • This will be sent from "nobody@uemail.identogo.com" with the subject,  "Subject: IdentoGO Service Confirmation – MN   DHS Background Study." 
  • Note: this will be sent to their personal email address.
Initials: ______________

Inform employee that he/she will receive an email from DHS to complete the consent and disclosure. * 

  • This will be sent from "dhs.netstudy2@state.mn.us" with the subject "Subject: ACTION REQUIRED‐ Your background study request has been submitted ‐ NETStudy2.  
  • Note: This will be sent to their personal email address
Initials: ______________
DHS (MN) / BID (WI) State Background Check Results Returned with a "Cleared" status
  • Confirm employee does NOT require supervision to perform services
  • Date Returned and Verified: ___________________
Initials: ______________
Driver's License is Current and Validated.
  • Copy stored in PayChex documents
Initials: ______________
Proof of Auto Insurance current and validated.
  • Copy stored in PayChex documents
Initials: ______________
Following First Day
TB Test Completed
  • 1st Step is Administered - Read Date Scheduled for: ____________________________ 
    • Must be between 48-72 hours after administration
  • 2nd Step is Administered - 2nd Step Adminstrtion date scheduled for: _____________________ 
    • Must be 21 days after 2nd step is read
  • 2nd Step is Read
Initials: ______________
Completed Paperwork Confirmed Complete (signed by RN and employee)
  • HHA Onboarding: HHA Orientation Checklist
  • HHA Onboarding: HHA, RN Competency
Initials: ______________
Scan all Paperwork into Employee FileInitials: ______________
Update Match Criteria in ClearCareInitials: ______________
Verify Completion of LMS Required TrainingInitials: ______________
Enter Expiring Documents into ClearCare: HHA Expiring Documents - Entry in ClearCareInitials: ______________

Signature below indicates that all orientation items have been completed. Form to be uploaded to employee record following Administrator approval. 

Administrator Signature ____________________________________                                    Date: _____________