Nextiva Fax (Virtual Fax)


To educate employees on the capabilities and features of vFax (Virtual Fax) technology used by Recover Care


  1. User after reading the article can send and receive faxes from the vFax without assistance



Logins (each site has it's own login):

Minneapolis (@ Home)faxminneapolisRecover12
White Bear LakewhitebearlakeRecover12
Eau ClairefaxeauclaireRecover12



  1. View a fax in the portal
    1. Login to the website above or click the link in the incoming email
      NOTE: Spammers will often try to fake these types of emails so confirm it's from Nextiva and sends you to Nextiva website!
    2. Click search on the left hand side
    3. Double click any row on the right side.  Each one represents a fax and provides basic information about each fax
    4. Filter to look at outbound or only inbound faxes
    5. Double click the row to view the fax:
    6. Click the download button to save the fax as a PDF. It is available in both the view mode and list of all faxes.
      1. Rename the file as needed saving a extra step later
    7. After you have downloaded and saved off the PDF as needed, you can delete the fax.  
      NOTE: We have a copy of it elsewhere if we ever need to recover it.

  2. To Send A Fax
    1. Click send on the left tab
    2. Fill in the details which will populate the cover page.  Use the option on the right to disable the cover page if needed.  Click "next"
    3. Upload the document you wish to include.
      NOTE: you can include up to 10 documents
    4. Click next on the preview screen
    5. Finally click "send"
    6. The checkbox will tell you that it's successful!