Nextiva Soft Phone - Windows App


To help employees get familiar with the Nextiva soft phone capabilities on a windows computer.


  1. Users are able to login and use the Nextiva app on their device without issues



  1. If the application is not installed, visit
    1. Download the Windows App Version and try to install
    2. If it requests admin username and password, contact IT
  2. If installed, you can find the app by searching "Nextiva" in your start menu
  3. Sign in using your login and password.  The login will be your email address:
  4. At the home screen you have a number of features you will use like call history, dial pad, directory and settings.
  5. Ensure under settings both Save login and Run this program when the system starts are checked
  6. Incoming Calls will notify you with a ring and with a notification on screen (even when the app is in the background)
  7. Legit Voicemail to Email