Nextive - Voicemail Setup and Use


To educate employees on the proper way to setup voicemail (including voicemail greetings) and access voicemails.


  1. Users are capable of setting up voicemail greetings and access voicemails without assistance.


  1. Accessing Voicemail for the first time and recording your name
    1. Dial *86, in the Nextiva app and press call
    2. Enter the PIN 0000 followed by the # key
    3. Follow the prompts to change the PIN to a personalized 4-digit number
    4. Record a name (just your name - different than a greeting)
  2. Recording greetings  
    1. No Answer greeting
      The No Answer greeting plays for the callers when their call is not answered.
      Press 1 > 3 > 1 > start recording at the tone and press # to stop recording. 
    2. Busy greeting
      The Busy greeting plays for callers when the user is already on a call.
      Press 1 > 2 > 1 > start recording at the tone and press # to stop recording.
    3. Extended Away greeting - Do not setup or activate!