To provide guidance on the on-call process for Recover Care (both Community and @ Home)



  1. 100% of all On-Call calls received are in the system within 24-hours
  2. 100% of all *urgent* on-call calls are in the system before the next business day


  1. Log into ClearCare and pull up the related client or caregiver profile and scroll down to the Activity section and expand it
  2. Click on New Task or Make a Note
    1. Use New Task when you have a follow-up
    2. Use Make a note when it's a finite task that is resolved with no follow-up
  3. Fill in the details of the note with special consideration to the specific items needed in the description:
    1. List all people in the related to field including employees, clients and client contacts
    2. Tag it with On-Call - Staffing or On-Call - Nursing depending on the type of call
    3. Description:
      1. MUST INCLUDE Time, Follow-up (if any) and Details about the call
        NOTE: Surveyors may see these comments so please ensure they are appropriate for anyone to see.
    4. Daily, Nurses and Administrators must run the On-Call Report Last 3 Days in the custom reports section
      1. Sort by Location or Date to see the latest.  The person running it can also see who put in the note.