Overtime Approval





  1. Employees working in overtime, should be the exception.
  2. Overtime should NEVER be regularly scheduled
  3. If there is an emergency and an employee needs to be put in overtime, the Team Coordinator must seek approval from Administrator. 
  4. The Team Coordinator will send an email to the Administrator, with the following information:
  5. Subject Line: Overtime Approval Needed – Employee Name
  6. Body of the Email:
    • The name of the employee going into overtime
    • The client the employee will be working with when they go in to overtime
    • The date of the shift that would put the employee in overtime
    • Other solutions already completed to avoid going into overtime/justification for emails
  7. Each Monday, the Team Coordinator will verify no employees are scheduled in Overtime, for the upcoming week, unless otherwise approved by Administrator. If any employees are, the Team Coordinator will work with the Administrator to approve or remove scheduled OT