Paraprofessional Documentation Log


To ensure complete documentation for every client, for every shift. 



  1. 0% of clients have missing or inaccurate documentation


  1. Every morning (before payroll is reviewed and finalized,) the Team Coordinator will sign in to and navigate to the "Reports" page.
  2. Select the Report Type, "Care Logs (Past)
  3. Within the report criteria, choose:
    1. The location you want to run documentation for
    2. Select the period. T-F, select "Current Week" to ensure complete documentation for the current week, as verifying payroll. On Mondays, select "Previous Week" and "Current Week" to capture both Saturday and Sunday (or TC can manually enter custom dates.)
    3. Select Caregiver or Client. For daily documentation review, it is recommended to run by Caregiver so you can identify quickly all missing documentation for that individual. 
    4. Click "Select All" Box
    5. Click "Run Report"
  4. The report will populate below the criteria. The Team Coordinator should review the report for two reasons:
    1. Check the documentation for any notes left by the employee and escalate any necessary feedback to Clinical Manager or Adminsitrator and follow up with staff, if required.
    2. Check for missing documentation. You will know it is missing when there is no timestamp by the task (see two contrary logs below.) The completed care log has time stamps, and the incomplete does not have any times. If there is missing documentation, obtain documentation by following the Obtaining Missing Paraprofessional Client Documentation process.