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  1. Admission Packets

    Admission Packet - Twin Cities (05.02.22) Admission Packet - The Lodge (05.02.22) Admission Packet - Oakwood Hills (05.02.22) Admission Packet - The Jefferson (05.02.22) ...
  2. Policy & Procedure Manual - 02.04.20

    02.04.20 Policies & Procedure Manual - Recover Care.pdf
  3. Service Plan Addendum

    Recover Health @ Home RCH Service Plan Addendum - Eau Claire RCH Service Plan Addendum - Twin Cities Recover Care Communities RCC Service Plan Addendum Lodge (05.24.21).docx RCC Service Plan Addendum - Jefferson  RCC Service Plan...
  4. Interview Guides

    Home Health Aide - Interview Guide.pdf Clinical Manager - Interview Guide.pdf TC_CNA- Interview Guide.pdf RCH Home Health Aide - Interview Guide (Phone or In Person).docx ...
  5. COVID-19 Resources

    Purpose: Provide current COVID resources for employees. Resources: Access Aveanna Intranet http://myaveanna.net/coronavirus-updates/ CMS Vaccine Audit Preparation Guide  COVID-19-Vaccine-Accomodation-Protocol-02-21-22.pdf ...
  6. Invoice Adjustment Form

    Invoice Adjustment Form.docx
  7. COVID-19 Testing: Sample Collection and Submission

    Purpose: Explain how to safely collect a COVID-19 nasopharyngeal sample and prepare the sample for pick-up. Regulation: Policy: Account Information When submitting the order by phone for pick up you will need to provide the account number f...
  8. Controlled Medications Record

    Controlled Medications Record.docx
  9. Blood Pressure Clinic - Communities Only

    Purpose:  To provide Recover Care Community exposure to residents in our partnered buildings and to demonstrate value of services is clients and other residents. Measurement: Each community will conduct blood pressure clinics to communit...
  10. MD Communication Form

    MD Communication Form.docx