Process Team Meeting - Status Versions and Check Boxes


A reminder to assist the process team (and those interested with the process) on how to work through several queues inside Knowledge Base



  • Content Expert - User who can create new articles and edit existing articles but can not publish articles
  • Process Team - Users who have the ability to approve and migrate content to a published state
  • Draft Status- The Status an article is in when an article is currently being worked on by a Content Expert.  Content is not published in this state.
  • Ready to Publish Status - The Status an article is in when an article is ready to be approved by the process team.  Content is not published in this state.  
  • Needs Review Status - This status is used for two purposes.  First, the system will automatically put articles in a needs review status after a period of 1 year of no changes.  This is to encourage review and updates to articles and avoid stale content.  The other more common use case is that a content expert will put an *existing* article into this status prior to creating a new version to be published later.  Items in this status are still publically available to general knowledge base users.
  • Ready to Review CheckBox (While in Needs Review Status) - This is not a status but a checkbox on newer versions of existing articles.  The check box will be completed as part of updating an existing process When checked, it indicates the newest version of the article is ready for approval by the process team.  When following the process correctly, the "status" is still suppose to be "needs review".


  1. The process team will meet weekly or on an ad-hoc basis depending on the urgency of the request for an updated operational process
  2. General order of events:
    1. Review of comments
      1. Comments should have a process team owner so they can review and update the process in question or work with the end user on training.  When a comment is resolved, the process team member will delete the comment
    2. Review Ready to Publish
      1. Process team can review (or assign someone to review) articles that have been moved from draft to ready to publish.
    3. Review "Ready to Review"
      1. Process team can review (or assign someone to review) articles that have been updated and the newest version has been marked (with the check box) that it is ready for review.
    4. Review Change Log
      1. Items that are early enough in change management that they do not have an article for training or education will exist in the Change Management log on the T drive.  As time alows new items will be reviewed or added at the meeting.
      2. NOTE: the goal is not to review the details at the meeting but to assign action items for next steps at the meeting.