Prospective Client


To capture pertinent information for community residents interested in Recover Care services, but not ready to admit to services. To obtain sufficient information to keep in contact with prospective clients.


  1. 100% of Prospects are entered in the EMR


  1. When a community resident expresses interest in Recover Care services, but is not yet ready to initiate services, he or she becomes a prospective client
  2. Administrator will have “Prospective Client Packets” on hand at all times (Prospective Client Welcome Packet). The following information will be in individual folders to be left with prospective clients:
    1. Recover Care Mission & Guiding Principles
    2. Recover Care Rate Sheet
    3. Administrator Business Card
    4. Nurses Business Card if applicable
    5. Recover Care Magnet
    6. Other items, as determined by Administrator
  3.  Administrator will meet with prospect and conduct client consult and provide information re: Recover Care
    1. Administrator will obtain pertinent information, indicated on the “Recover Care Prospect Intake” form (Prospective Client Intake Form). At a minimum, the Administrator must obtain:
      • Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Address
      • Preferred Hospital
      • Emergency contact information
      • Completed Client’s Choice of Home Care Provider Form
  4. Administrator will leave behind Prospective Client Packet
  5. Administrator will add prospective client in EMR as a Prospect to include:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone Number and/or Email
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Preferred Hospital
    6. Pharmacy
    7. Primary Physician Name
    8. Primary Clinic
    9. Medicare Card, if applicable
  6. Administrator will make a plan to follow up with prospective client within 3 months of prospective sign up