Providing and Billing Client Supplies


Ensure clients are billed correctly for supplies utilized when Client needs supplies that are not located within client’s home (i.e. gloves, wound supplies, groceries, etc.)


  1.  25% margin on all billable supplies


  1. Each branch will have a stock of general supplies on site. These items will be inventoried, and have a labeled price of a 25% upcharge from the wholesale amount. If the item needs to be purchased uniquely for the client, a 25% price increase will be applied to charge.  
  2. When an item is used for a client, staff will complete a "Supply Form" and give to the Administrator (or put in the indicated place in the branch). 
  3. Administrator, or designee, will enter expense in ClearCare to be added to the invoice for the current month.
    1. In ClearCare, search client's name to access the client profile

  1. Click on Daily Care Log Drop down (First drop down after resident name)
  2. Click on +Expense

4. Fill in information

  • Date (ClearCare will NOT default to today's date, so make sure to double check)sets date to 6-12-2019)
  • Amount (accounting or 25% increase)
  • Description
  • Client Bill Box needs to be checked
  • Caregiver Pay Box should NOT be checked or filled out
  • Click "Save"