RCH Admission Packet Contents


To ensure ever admission packet is complete with the necessary items to successfully complete a new client admission.

Regulation: N/A 
Policy: N/A


  1. 100% of Admission Packets are Complete with the Below Components, in the proper order


  1. The following components should be included in the Recover Care at Home SOC Packets for Nurse Admission
    1. Left Pocket of the Folder
      1. Recover Care at Home Consult Collateral Piece
      2. Family Room Collateral
      3. Family Room Sign-Up Sheet
      4. Client Handbook
    2. Centerfold, in a plastic insert
      1. Service Plan
    3. Right Pocket of the Folder
      1. Client Face Sheet
      2. SOC Human Systems Review
      3. POLST
      4. Credit Card Authorization Form
      5. Client's Choice for Home Care Provider
      6. Recover Care PRN MAR
      7. HHA MAR
      8. RN MAR