Client Family Room


To alleviate some of the stress by giving clients and their family members real-time transparency to the care process and communicate easily with administrative staff.

Policy: N/A


  1. 85% of clients have at least one individual logged into the Family Room


  1. The Team Cordinator will ensure the home chart contains Family Room collateral (Recover Care Collateral) and Family Room Sign-Up form 
  2. The Account Executive (or designee completing the Care Consult) will discuss the family room at consult with client and family and the following items are reviewed. The Family Room portal allows clients to give family, friends, medical professionals, and others access to:
    1.  Real time care status updates and view completed and refused tasks
    2. View caregiver comments
    3. Coordinate Schedules with Family Members
    4. Active Medication Lists
    5. Schedule To-Do items for the care teams
    6. View Invoices and payment status
  3. At the SOC Assessment, the SOC RNCM will obtain the sign-up form, if not already previously obtained. 
  4. The RNCM reviews the sign-up sheet and confirms all individuals on the sign-up form are authorized by client or responsible party to receive access to Client Family Room. RNCM will notify those at SOC that an informational packet will be emailed within 48 hours.
  5. As the RNCM completes his/her SOC data entry, all contacts and emails are added to client’s individual contacts profile by RNCM.
  6. RNCM will customize permissions for each individual with access to the Family Room. This can be done by following "Editing Family Room Permissions"
    1. Permission for "Manage Medications" will only be selected if RNCM is managing medications.
  7. Once permissions are set, the RNCM will send each individual a "Sign-Up Link" by navigating through the "Contacts" tab in the client chart
    1. Click the name of the contact you want to grant access to:
    2. In the "General Tab", the contact MUST have an email address listed:
    3. Once that has been entered, and saved, navigate to the "Login" tab and select the box allowing the individual a login to Clear Care Family Portal:
    4. ClearCare will automatically send an invitation to contact’s email address. Do not modify any of the narrative in the draft email. The system will automatically fill in the information:
  8. RNCM will include Family Room Sign-up sheet in SOC Email to Internal Team
  9. TC reviews the sign-up sheet and emails “Family Room Training Packet (For Clients and Families)” to each individual contact
  10. Ongoing the Team Coordinator and Clinical Manager will manage notifications and to do items as they come in from family members and clients. 
  11. The on-call Team Coordinator will manage Family Room communications after hours and on the weekend and provide ongoing support.

During Orientation - Caregiver Training and Awareness:

During Orientation it will be stressed to accurately document at the end of each shift and ensure employees are only checking off the specific tasks completed during that shift. If a task was not completed, staff must make sure to mark the task incomplete and add a reason why it was not completed (i.e. client refused, already done for the day, etc.). Notes should be about the client’s care, not anything else. Remember families will now be reading the notes. If there is concern about the client’s health or a change in condition you should still call the nurse immediately to alert the family.