Daily Stand-Up


Provide a short daily meeting to assure internal staff is aware the daily activity in a branch

Regulation: N/A
Policy: N/A


  1. Employee satisfaction survey responses will show staff feel part of something bigger than themselves


  1. Time & Duration: 15 Minutes, daily in the morning
  2. Attendees:
    • All Internal Office Employees
    • Administrator, Clinical Manager, Account Executive (attendees will vary depending on the office, but these 3 positions should always be involved)
  3. Team Coordinator is responsible for posting the caregiver availability in the team group chat in the format found in the word doc below:
    Example Caregiver Daily Check In.docx 
  4. Review New Referrals from the day before: Clinical Manager and Account Executive
    1. What referrals came in the day before and who was the referral sources
    2. Is a client consult needed or should one be offered? Does the AE want to be involved in
       this referral in any way if it is from a Referral Source we are trying to grow business from?
  5. Review Pending Referrals for the week – Clinical Manager
    • Review SOC date
    • High level overview with client requirements
    • Staffing needs
    • Which nurse will be assigned the case?
  6. Review Pending Discharges for the week: Clinical Manager
    • Any pending discharges for the week?
    • Can we do anything to stop the discharge?
    • Any other clients at risk?
  7. Review Holds/Hospitalizations – Clinical Manager
  8. Review Marketing Updates – Account Executive
    • How many hours can we staff this week?
    • Share market intelligence
    • Where have you been marketing?
    • What things came up yesterday that are important for the team to know?'
    • Share how you are marketing any new programs or marketing materials
    • Is there a need for any clinical or office assistance at any upcoming events?
  9.  Schedules - Administrator
    • Each attendee shares schedule or focus for the day