Client Discharge


To ensure thorough evaluation and care coordination upon client discharge from Recover Care services.

Regulation: 144A.4794(3)
Policy: RC-C8


  1. 100% of discharged clients have a discharge summary with the required items addressed and documented


  1. Upon confirmed discharge, RN Case Manager will add a discharge note in the client's chart in ClearCare. This note will be added in the Activity section of the client's chart with the Tag: "Termination of Services: XXX" (Enter in appropriate discharge reason). The discharge summary must include: 
    1. Client diagnosis
    2. Reason for initiation of services
    3. Brief summary of service provided
    4. Client’s condition upon service initiation
    5. Reason for discharge or transfer
    6. Client’s condition at discharge or transfer
    7. Notification activity of discharge or transfer
    8. Location client was discharged or transferred to
  2. RN Case Manager will notify individual responsible for staffing via email and Clinical Manager/Administrator
  3. Staffing will be cancelled within 24 hours of notification from RN Case Manager
  4. RN Case Manager will deactivate client in ClearCare 
  5. RN Case Manager will obtain any paper chart documentation from client home (MARs, PRN, etc.) 
  6. RN Case Manager will upload returned documentation in client's ClearCare chart under "Files"
  7. If discharge reason is death, a "Death - Chart Review & Evaluation" must be completed and saved in the client chart audit folder in the S:Drive
  8. MN ONLY - Clinical Manager/Administrator will enter client in MDH discharge census