New Hire Home Health Aide Supervision


To meet regulatory requirements and ensure home health aide staff is properly trained and confident to provide client care.

Regulation: 144A.4797(3/4)
Policy: RC-P10


  1. 100% of HHA Staff will be supervised by an RN within 30 days of HHA hire date


  1. Upon hire, Team Coordinator/Administrator will enter HHA Requirements in employee file in ClearCare. This will include the requirement to be supervised by an RN within 30 days of hire, titled, "30 Day New Hire Delegated Task Supervision" 
  2. The Clinical Manager/Administrator will coordinate with an RN Case Manager to observe HHA working directly with a client and will assign a task in ClearCare for the RN Case Manager in ClearCare. The goal is this visit would overlap with an already scheduled RN Visit to minimize RN expense, but is not imperative.
  3. The RN Case Manager will supervise the HHA within 30 days of hire.
  4. The Supervisory visit will include:
    1. Observation of caregiver administering medications
    2. Observation of caregiver preforming a treatment and following care plan instructions
    3. Observe caregiver’s documentation is complete and following policy and procedure
    4. Observation of caregiver’s adherence to infection control practice
    5. Observation of caregiver’s interaction with client. Is communication clear and respectful?
    6. Observation of caregiver’s appearance and if wearing name tag.
  5. The RN Case Manager will document the visit in the employee personnel record to include confirmation of observation of all above items. IN the RN Case Manager's task list,  the RN Case Manager will enter the date of the visit, mark the status complete, select correct assignee  and select tag "Monitoring visit: Delegated task supervision." The charting note in description section, to address all above items. 

  6. Any minor concerns identified during the supervisor visit should be addressed with the caregiver by the RN at the time of the visit. Any major concerns must be relayed to caregiver’s supervisor.