Work from Home Expectations


To ensure all employees understand the same workplace and professional expectations apply whether employee is working in the office, or working from home. Performance management will remain the same, regardless of workplace environment.

Regulation: N/A
Policy: N/A


  1. 100% of work will be accomplished to the same professional quality, while working from home, as is completed in the office


Schedule & Availability – 

  1. Employee will work agreed upon/scheduled hours, unless otherwise approved by manager. If employee must deviate from the scheduled hours due to appointments, unexpected conflict, employee must seek manager approval before taking the time off.
  2. Employee will be online throughout the entire duration of the work day
  3. 100% of team meetings, 1:1s, and scheduled ad hoc meetings will be attended, within a workplace environment (home office, home setup, etc.) and Microsoft Teams meetings will include both audio and video
  4. Employee will be available by phone during scheduled work hours. If employee cannot answer when receiving a call, due to being on another call, employee will provide notification to the caller within 15 minutes he/she will call back, but is in the middle of something (if internal) or return call by end of day (outside professional)
  5. 100% of calls and emails will be responded to by the end of each work day
  6. Employee will keep Outlook Calendar up to date
  7. Breaks throughout the day should not exceed the break allowances given in the office environment.

Personal Business – 

  1. Employee will abstain from completing any personal business during this time, unless approved by manager (childcare, personal errands, personal phone calls, personal meetings)

Work Environment – 

  1. Employee must work in an environment that facilitates the ability to focus, be on conference calls, and have video interface with other professionals (no other people in the room causing distraction, no television on,
  2. We work in a HIPPA-focused environment. Employee will ensure no other individuals can overhear or access private client / employee information.