Worker's Compensation - Employee Incident Reporting


To document and report and employee incident related to worker injury. 


Recover Care maintains worker’s compensation coverage in compliance with applicable law.  All employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance from the date of their employment.  If an employee is injured or involved in an accident while on the job, they must notify a manager immediately so that next steps can be identified, if necessary, and insurance reporting is done promptly.  Failure to report an accident or injury in a timely manner (within 24 hours or less of occurrence) may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


  1. Any injury occurring at the site of care, real or perceived, must be reported to supervisor immediately.
  2. If an emergency, Supervisor will call 911 or get the employee to an emergency care facility as soon as possible
  3. If 911 care not required, Supervisor and Employee together call Nurse Triage Line at 855-675-3501 for assessment and determination of next steps. If not possible to be on the phone together, employee is informed to call this number immediately, and notification of employee and receipt of message is documented. Employee is instructed to notify Supervisor when Triage phone call has been completed.
  4. Supervisor will complete the WC claim online via
    1. When submitting, supervisor will need to enter Recover Care's policy number: 143096.201
  5. Via Incident Report Form, Supervisor documents the incident in detail, keeping the description as factual as possible, including:
    1. date and time of occurrence
    2. description of activities of employee when the injury occurred
    3. tools, machinery, objects, chemicals, etc. involved
    4. how the injury occurred
    5. body part affected and how it was affected
    6. witnesses of the incident
    7. follow up healthcare
    8. work missed related to injury
    9. any additional details (caregiver reaction, actions, contributing factors, caregiver statements, etc.)
  6. Supervisor will send written documentation of the incident to CEO and COO Recover Care within 24 hours of occurrence.