Recover Health Missed Visits


Each Recover Health client must receive the services written in the plan of care and any missed visits will be relayed to the physician who establishes the plan, even when Recover Care is providing the contracted services. 

Regulation:  §484.60(a)(1)
Policy: C-17



Once it has been established that a missed visit has occurred on a Recover Health client:

  1. Clinician or internal staff (for completing on behalf of para-professionals and contract therapy) will go into the client’s chart in PCC Website.
  2. Go to Care Details > Charting.
  3. Click AddSearch for Missed Visit and select either Missed Visit or Missed Visit - Multi Date. Select Missed Visit for a single Entry Select Missed Visit – Multiple Date if there are multiple missed visits needed to be entered.
  4. Fill out the charting document from Missed Visit Information through Case Manager Notification the rest is completed by internal office staff.  See instructions below.

Missed Visit Information:

  1. Employee Name:  When the staff member completing the missed visit is different than the employee scheduled be sure and change the name to staff that was scheduled.
  2. Add Date of Missed Visit - Required
  3. Add Time of Visit Missed - Required

For Multiple Dates:  

a.   Click on Add Missed Date:

b.  Add each date that is missed individually by clicking on add for each missed visit date.



a.  Type of Visit - Required

b.  Reason for Missed Visit - Required, Choose from the drop-down menu or add “Other” with a description.

Clinicians Complete their own missed visits

  • Complete through the County Case Manager Notification, then Save & Close.
  • Then, Internal Staff will enter the date/time of County Case Worker and Physician Notification, check the box stating “My electronic signature attests that the missed visit has been faxed to the physician.”, sign the document, Fax out appropriately and change the appointment status to Cancelled which will remove the appointment from the clinicians schedule on the CAH App and the Scheduling App.