Sales Core Process


To define the basic core details of the Recover Care Sales Position


  1.  Sales and Management have a clear understanding of expectations


  1. 40+ sales activities per week across 25+ accounts
  2. Sales activity is defined as an in-person conversation with an individual that influences the referral process. 
  3. Utilize materials within the iPad (print copies available) and monthly focus.
  4. Maintain expert understanding of Recover Care offerings and services, marketing collateral.
  5. Utilize only current and approved marketing materials.   
  6. Maintain understanding of current and potential partnership opportunities.
  7. Keep CRM updated with current and accurate key account and contact information:
  8. Immediately document each sales task/event upon completion:
  9. Use ARF when documenting visit note- Action, Result, Follow-up
  10. Document collateral used
  11. Develop cold calling strategy
  12. Bi-weekly (minimum) email campaigns
  13. Presentations/ Lunch N Learns
  14. Account Assignment - ABC
  15. Routing Training