Staffing a Shift


To ensure all client schedules are staffed and employees have accurate client information. To seek consistency in scheduling. 




  1. 100% of shifts will be staffed


Things to consider when staffing a shift:

  • What are the client/employee match preferences?
  • Does the employee availability and the client needs match?
  • Is the employee in overtime?
  • Can the employee take the case ongoing?
  1. Once you have determined a list of employees that meet the criteria for the client, CALL all staff that meet the availability and match criteria. Always call first. A phone call is much harder to say ‘no’ to, than responding to an email or text. You may only get them 30% of the time, but they’ll say ‘yes’ 80% of that 30%.
  2. If you don’t have luck calling, send a notification through the scheduling platform notifying employee, via text and email, of available shift
  3. If still no luck, try again via call, email, text. Often it helps to send a message something like, “Please let me know either way, so I will stop bugging you for this shift.”
  4. After no response, engage the Clinical Manager and / or Administrator to support.  At a minimum, both should be aware if the shift is still open within 4 hours of the start time.
  5. When you finally get an employee to commit, work to schedule them on the case ongoing – we know consistency is key for our clients! If they can’t take all shifts, then work to get them on as many as they can take WHILE YOU HAVE THEM ON THE PHONE. 
  6. Prior to employee working the shift, ensure they are aware of the client needs / details by sending the summary indicated by the Start of Care RN AND directing them to review the care plan on the CCGO App.
  7. Staff the employee on the shift (Assigning a Shift in ClearCare) and ask them to confirm the visit on his/her schedule.