Team Coordinator Expectations





  • No shift goes unstaffed. 
  • The Clinical Manager / Administrator must be notified of any open shift within 4 hours of the start time. The only ones who can determine if a shift goes unstaffed are the Clinical Manager / Administrator. 
  • All shifts must be staffed for tomorrow, before leaving for the day, or notification to the Clinical Manager / Administrator
  • All schedule changes must include shift notes (i.e. Susie was running late to this shift. Client notified and time updated. –ET (2/26/20))
  • All staffing will be done first by calling, then using non-direct communication tactics such as text and email. We firmly believe calling is the best way to staff and have the opportunity to negotiate with staff. 
  • By Thursday of every week, everything should be staffed through the weekend so we are prepared to take on last minute Friday cases. 
  • Everything must be staffed for the weekend before leaving the office on Friday. 
  • All schedule changes and updates must be real time, regardless if client is on hospice, or there is uncertainty of the case continuing. We must operate asking the question: “If I am unavailable tomorrow and out of reach, how will my team survive? How can I be assured my clients will be cared for?”
  • All schedules are updated real time when employees are late or when schedule times are negotiated to start at a different time than normal.
  • All billing and payroll is reviewed DAILY. This assures accuracy and consistency for our clients and employees. 
  • All new cases will have schedules entered at Start of Care (SOC), regardless if employee is identified for shifts
  • The weekly Team Coordinator checklist will be completed weekly and given to the Clinical Manager for review. 
  • All on-call communication (call, text, email) will be recorded in our on-call log.