Updating Employee Pay Rate in ClearCare


To ensure accurate payroll processing for field employees, at new hire and ongoing rate increases. 

Regulation: N/A 
Policy: N/A


  1. Zero payroll corrections due to inaccurate pay rate in ClearCare EMR


  1. Upon hire, Team Coordinator will process new hire through Paylocity utilizing the New Hire Onboarding Process. This will trigger Recover Health Support team to create required accounts for new employee, including ClearCare. Recover Health Support team will notify employee's manager when accounts have been created. Manager will notify Team Coordinator accounts have been setup and ClearCare can be updated. 
  2. When an annual increase or other ad hoc increase occurs (any time after initial hire), the Team Coordinator will update the rate in Paylocity for the date of change and will update the employee pay rate in ClearCare on day one of the new pay period. 
  3. To update the Employee Pay Rate in ClearCare, the Team Coordinator will follow the steps below:
    1. Team Coordinator will navigate to : https://recovercare.clearcareonline.com/login/ and login using assigned credentials
    2. From the Dashboard, click on "Caregiver Tab"
    3. In the search field, search for the employee and click the blue link of employee name to enter employee file
    4.  In the employee chart, click "Payroll Rates"
    5. The payroll rates will default to the standard rates setup in ClearCare. If the rate of the employee varies from the standard rate entered, or the rate needs to be updated as a result of a merit increase, the rate can simply be changed by deleting the existing rate and keying in the updated rate. The rate will be associated with the billing code, so it is important the proper rate is updated by discipline (HHA, Homemaker, Nurse, etc.). The primary discipline is the default, but there may be additional codes to be entered. For example:
      1. The rate entered in Paylocity at hire represents a Home Health Aide rate (for example, $15.00/hour). That same employee may also provide Homemaker services at a different rate of $13.00/hour. Both rates can be entered in the employee payroll rates tab. 
      2. Orientation and in-service rates will be the same as the default rate
      3. Travel time will equal minimum wage for the given state
      4. Any unused rates should be overridden to $0.00/hour to avoid error:
    6. When the rates have been entered correctly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes." No further action needed.