Weekly Discharge Survey


To obtain client feedback to celebrate what is going well and identify what needs to be improved upon.

Regulation: 144A.479(3) 
Policy: N/A


  1. Each branch will receive an average of 8 on Client Experience surveys


Every Monday (or first business day of the week), complete the below steps:

  1. In ClearCare navigate to custom reports: 
  2. Click on "Choose Report" and type in "Email." You will run the "Discharge Report" and "Client Contact" Report
    1. Discharge Report - Client Emails":
      1. The only filter to be completed is the "Date Deactivated." The report should be run for 2 weeks prior. For example, if today is May 20th, the report would be run for any admission days from 5/6 – 5/12

      2. Click "Run Report"
      3. Click on "Export to Excel"
      4. Save Report on Desktop
    2. Client Contact - Email Addresses
      1. All information is filtered correctly on this report.
      2. Click on "Export to Excel"
      3. Save Report on Desktop
  3. Consolidate all client email addresses and client contact email addresses to have a comprehensive list of client's admitted in the given period of time, and the associated client contacts. The "Client Contact - Email Addresses" report will not filter on Discharge date. Team Coordinator will need to identify those clients who have discharged in the indicated period (on the "Discharge Report - Email Addresses") and search for associated clients in the "Client Contacts" report. 
  4. Once you have an comprehensive list, access Constant Contact via: www.constantcontact.com
    1. Username: mstork@recoverhealth.org
    2. Password: **see Recover Care at Home, Director for account password
  5. Under “Campaigns” Access “Recover Care – Admission Survey” in Constant Contact and select “Send Invite”
  6. Create an Email Name Based on the dates of data. Use format below:
  7. Update the Message Settings to Mirror the Below
  8. Update the information to mirror the below:
    1. How are we doing?! We highly value your opinion and experience and would appreciate you taking the following survey to provide us feedback on how we are doing.

      Thank you in advance for your time and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your care!


       Emily Timm
       Director, Recover Care

  9. Enter emails from EMR here and add list name is: “RC Discharge Survey 5.8.19”:
  10. Send Now