Weekly Payroll Process


To ensure payroll is accurate and timely


  1. Weekly process
    1. Clearcare payroll is submitted by all admins by 12:00PM Monday
    2. Clearcare payroll export is performed by payroll processor and sent to Paychex processor by 2:00PM
    3. Payroll is converted by Paychex and typically emailed back by 10:00AM Tuesday
    4. Payroll is imported, processed and submitted by payroll processor by 11:00PM Tuesday
    5. Payroll is technically completed ~15 minutes after submitting due to a 15 minute timer in the software


  1. Export and send ClearCare file to Paychex (step 5) or manually convert the file (step 6)
    1. Ensure all items have been finalized in ClearCare
    2. Export ClearCare file
    3. Use option "Payroll Export Holiday OT" only
    4. Use date format YYMMDD-YYMMDD where dates represent the first and last day of the payroll cycle
      1. Example: 220313-220319
      2. Save to Payroll folder with identical name
    5. Send file to Lites, Jessie Drozdzowski jdrozdzowski@paychex.com   866-804-5693 ext 5110228
      1. Copy CEO, COO
        1. Wait to receive file back
        2. Rename in YYMMDD-YYMMDD format and save in same folder as above.  The format is csv and must stay in that format
      Add filters to entire sheet
      Add Company ID to all rows
      Sort by name, remove any salaried people
      Sort by rate method, remove any non payable
      Move "Employee ID" to the Column B
      Sort by "Earning Code",
      Fill In Blanks in "Earning Code" are Mileage Direct (Mileage - 51500) or Incentive HHA Pay (HHA - 51100)
      Add Column to left called "Job Number" fill in with job number codes for all items
      Move "Job Number" to Column C
      Sort by "Branch ID", rename to "Labor Override" replace names with labor override codes
      Rename "Rate Method" to "Pay Component", move to Column D
      Rename "Regular Rate" to "Rate", remove any mileage rate of 0.50 and remove dollar signs using "number" drop down type, move to Column E
      Add Column to left of "Miles" called "Amount", take miles and multiple by mileages rate (0.50), move to Column F (ensure 2 digits)
      Rename "Regular Hours" to "Hours" ensure 2 digits using "number" drop down type, move to Column G
      Move "Labor Override" to Column H
      Review for blank or malformed employee ids
      Add Column I "Units" and it is always blank for our needs
      Add Row (not column) under each line that has OT in column "Pay Rate OT" and "OT Hours"
      Take data from "OT Hours" and put into Column "Hours" (by this point it should be Column G)
      Override "Pay Component" (by this point it should be Column D) and make it "Overtime")
      Take data from row above and fill in data for Columns A,B,C,E,F and H (you already filled in D and G) - I fill in Column J but only for easier reference
      Save File as-is "old file name - modified" (this helps with debugging)
      Delete All Columns to the right of units
      Save Again as CSV File (not UTF-8 version)
      Import, look for warnings or errors
      Fix in original Excel as needed, use extra 
    7. Import PayChex csv file in Paychex
    8. Start Payroll (if not already started)
    9. Select option "Enter Checks Manually" if prompted
    10. Click button "More Options" then "Import Payroll Data"
    11. Click the browse link (drag and drop works too but I don't recommend it)
    12. Select the csv file received from Paychex
    13. Filter to Paid > All Employees
    14. Review and check for deltas between ClearCare and Paychex 
    15. Fix any issues in Paychex
      1. If minor issues, correct to the best of your ability
      2. Notify Paychex about any large errors and pause to check with CEO and COO
  2. Review any pto requests (Microsoft forms) enter them (may need to change filters)
  3. Review any hourly requests (Microsoft forms) enter them (may need to change filters)
  4. Pay Salaried Staff
    1. Filter to salary
    2. Pay everyone that requires it with pay button
      1. Watch for terminations and notify manager if someone is in the list that shouldn't be
  5. Pay Expenses
    1. Review Zoho expenses (approve them first)
    2. Pay any expenses that need payment using the "Reimbursement" paytype
    3. Mark Zoho expense as reimbursed
  6. Final review
    1. Click Review & Submit button (which brings you to the final screen)
    2. Click down arrow and run all reports
    3. Open the first report and scroll to the bottom
      1. Observe any people getting a live check (any non direct deposit in the far right column of payroll report)
    4. Total should be 26k to 29K and should be higher or lower based on a busy or lighter week of hours/revenue
    5. Click down arrow and download all payroll reports (zip)
      1. File reports into payroll folder mentioned above
    6. Contact CEO or COO for review
  7. Submit
    1. Note a 15 minute timer will begin in case something was missed.